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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Property Photographer

In case you have a property for sale or rental, it’s good to know that professional property photography is essential in marketing and promoting your property.

Without questioning the technical features of your smart phone, which can take ‘pretty’ photos or that the real estate agent your are working with can take ‘good photos’ with his camera, still neither ’pretty’ nor ‘good’ photos is actually good enough to make your property distinguish; especially when the prospects are viewing long listing websites (AirBnb, HomeAway) or the official real estate websites almost on a daily basis.

A professional real estate photographer can only add value through his work to both sellers and prospects, as his photography will have the impressive effect and result you are looking for.

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On the list below are the 4 most important reasons to hire a professional photographer for your property:

1. Your property will stand out on the listing websites

In order to attract the prospects' attention, The sellers will have arranged for all the ‘cosmetic’ work to be done such as painting the walls, repairing surfaces etc. The smarter sellers though, will also ensure for the property to be staged internally.

Always keep in mind, no matter how well the property has been taken care of, unless it is photographed by a professional photographer, it will never stand out and differentiate as it is expected to.

2. You will get more traffic on your property

Research that has been conducted abroad has shown that listings displaying high quality photography get higher visits than the listings displaying ‘poor’ property photography.

3. Your property will be out of the market quite faster

The same surveys conducted abroad for the real estate market showed that listings displaying professional photography performed faster than listings displaying ‘amateur’ photography. Also, entries displaying only 1 photo of the property received the least amount of interest.

4. Your property will get ‘better value’

As mentioned earlier, no matter how good photos you can take with your smart phone or your agent’s camera, nothing actually compares to the interior set up and final presentation of a property by a professional photographer.

The results will not only be ‘good’ but impressive and will boost your property’s value, because it is his job to do so. Only a professional photographer knows how to achieve the best possible results in terms of imaging in a very competitive market like the real estate market.

Advice from a professional photographer in interior design

  • spend your time constructively and consult a professional photographer to capture your work in a proper, neat and beautiful way
  • do not rely on the amateur and artistic concerns of a relative/friend/neighbour, even your own, who will photograph with a low-standard camera or a mobile phone. The downside of not using a professional photographer is high, as you will downplay the beautiful result of your work and of course you will most likely push away the good quality of potential clients
  • high quality in your photography is mirroring your personality. Choosing a professional photographer will attract you a better quality of candidate buyers and also will give your photos a longer life than the photos coming from an amateur photographer