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Meet Aspect Photo –

How to photograph home interiors – Part I

Writing this blog, we want to create for you the opportunity to be introduced in the way Aspect Photo proceeds with interior photography whether it is an apartment or a holiday home.

Photographing a property may not always be an easy task, but we definitely want to make it enjoyable. For this reason we will present you in 2 parts the main elements we are focusing in interior photography in order to create and deliver the best possible result.


One of the most important elements which we usually ignore is the weather. We always recommend to our business partners to organise the property photography when the weather is sunny. Photographing an indoor space always involves the inside-out perspective that results in viewing the outdoor environment. Also, the sun diffuses into the room and creates beautiful shadows and images depending on the time a room is photographed.

Presenting images of interior photography at a sunny weather it predates the reader positively, creating for him beautiful and happy emotions while searching for his new home. Also, his gets the opportunity to create his own images in his mind, to ‘imagine’ how it will be living in that property when looking at the interior photography taken in sunny weather.

property photography, aspect photo professional property  photographer, real estate photography
property photography, aspect photo professional property  photographer, real estate photography

Photography Composition

We have noticed that when entering an interior, a particularly important element for the photo shoot is the photography composition.

The composition of photography has a multifaceted role, it is not only limited in capturing the space. Our goal as Aspect Photo with the photography composition is to place the reader in the interior space ie: kitchen, living room etc. In other words the reader will be able to be feeling in space. The composition offers an aesthetic that should be in harmony with the architecture of the property and the furnishings available.

This part of photography is quite particular as in one hand time is limited in order to create the perfect composition of the image and on the other hand it depends a lot on the interior decoration and the furniture of the property.

Speaking of furniture and interior decoration elements, Aspect Photo may not be found stylistically consistent. However, we need to select the decoration that will offer the minimal aesthetic we always prefer by selecting the most unique elements that represent the home and its owner respectively as best as it can possible. In this case, we require complete confidence from our partner, and provide an explanation for the reasons we chose certain stylistic elements and how the presentation of the rooms follow certain photography rules.

In part II of our blog we will analyse the categories of the photos we seek to create and their usability.

real estate professional photographer, aspect photo real estate photography

Advice from a professional photographer in real estate

  • spend your time constructively and consult a professional photographer to capture your work in a proper, neat and beautiful way
  • do not rely on the amateur and artistic concerns of a relative/friend/neighbour, even your own, who will photograph with a low-standard camera or a mobile phone. The downside of not using a professional photographer is high, as you will downplay the beautiful result of your work and of course you will most likely push away the good quality of potential clients
  • high quality in your photography is mirroring your personality. Choosing a professional photographer will attract you a better quality of candidate buyers and also will give your photos a longer life than the photos coming from an amateur photographer
  • do not hesitate to try more than one photographers, It might take some time and testing to find the photographer that suits you
  • do not hesitate to give work to more than one photographer. It is advisable to a have a backup photographer if your primary photographer is not available, or even share the work to 2 professionals