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The Bathroom element in the House and its Photography

Building up my real estate photography I have found that the bathroom area is quite particular if not the most particular area in a house. After all there have been quite a few books focusing on the importance of the bathroom, ie: Bathroom Psychology, Human Behaviour in the Bathroom and even Bathroom Architecture which seems to vary across cultures. Hence photographing a bathroom becomes also quite special.

I have noticed though that just as ‘indifferent’ and ‘fast’ we kind of pass by the bathroom area in our everyday lives, the same ‘indifferent’ and ‘fast’ the homeowner stands across it when time comes to photograph the bathroom. Now, as a professional photographer I find this to be a big mistake!

To begin with, a bathroom varies in size, there are small, medium and large bathrooms. It is the most personal pace in the house even from the bedroom, and it requires the same attention from all of us, especially in photography. In many cases the bathroom is an extension of the master bedroom with an en suite bathroom – which always needs to be presented.

For a photo shoot, the bathroom is demanded to be shinny, from the mirror to the shower handles, it’s like when we wear on our tuxedo at a fancy party. Also, it should be decorated with the most essential items we usually place in a bathroom, so the space looks elegant and discrete for reader and the owner of the house. Presenting a tidy bathroom it is like we are showing our inner disposition towards ourselves first and then towards the potential buyers or future tenants.

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When we photograph a bathroom, we try to present more than just a space. We want to highlight the aesthetics and / or the architecture of the bathroom. That is, a bathroom might be small, but it has a beautiful trendy colour and has some functional points. When the bathroom receives the cleanliness it deserves and its useful points stand out, then the photographer steps is to take over and select the appropriate angle that will allow him to highlight these elements.

When photographing the bathroom, we always choose to capture the more ‘romantic’ elements, as for example the washbasin with the mirror or the shower room with a window. Always keep in mind though that everything depends on what each bathroom has to offer based on how big or small it is and also in its architecture.

It is also nice to apply proper styling in the bathroom and never leave the space empty. There are plenty of bath accessories that can be used for styling such as symmetrical bath towels, soap bars on the sink, even a decorative plant will instantly change the look of your bathroom and at the same time my final image.

To conclude it’s worth mentioning that because of the professional photography, your house will be in more artistic state than an everyday use state. This is worth keeping a record of even by creating a small photo album with pictures of your house that day.

Advice from a professional photographer in real estate

  • the photographer is not a magician nor is the camera. We can capture and present what is in front of use, we cannot make up the image you have in your mind unless it is created in the actual bathroom space
  • spend your time constructively and consult a professional photographer to capture your work in a proper, neat and beautiful way
  • if you have hired a real estate agency to assist you in find a buyer or tenant for your property, do ask them to introduce you to a professional photographer. Spend time with them and ask them to answer all your queries and provide with all the appropriate guidance
  • do not rely on the amateur and artistic concerns of a relative/friend/neighbour, even your own, who will photograph with a low-standard camera or a mobile phone. The downside of not using a professional photographer is high, as you will downplay the beautiful result of your work and of course you will most likely push away the good quality of potential clients
  • high quality in your photography is mirroring your personality. Choosing a professional photographer will attract you a better quality of candidate buyers and also will give your photos a longer life than the photos coming from an amateur photographer
  • do not hesitate to try more than one photographers, It might take some time and testing to find the photographer that suits you
  • do not hesitate to give work to more than one photographer. It is advisable to a have a backup photographer if your primary photographer is not available, or even share the work to 2 professionals