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How many photos are most effective

for promoting a property online?

Being in the real estate photography a few of the most common questions asked and discussed are questions like “how many photos do we need?” or “do we need to photograph all the house?” or “we don’t need many photos right?”

So, how many photos are required in order to promote your property online?

I followed up with a small research online concerning this matter, just to see what other opinions are around from colleagues and any possible research conducted abroad in the property industry. Apparently, the conclusions seem to vary. This is mainly due to the fact that the users’ behavior in house hunting varies between countries and also continents.

There are cases supporting the more the merrier, but there also cases who find that too many photos can actually cause damage to the owner and the property agent. This means that they will not receive the required results in selling or renting the property.

Before we get into number details, let’s examine first the question in further detail.

My professional opinion on this is that the appropriate number of photos depends on 2 key factors:

a. the sqm of the property, it’s another thing to photograph an apartment and another to photograph a country house, we will get a different number of photos, and

b. from the quality of the property, if the property has for ie: deteriorated walls, or has been abandoned for some time, the number of photos will be necessarily restricted as they will become offensive for the user and the owner of course.

Factor A is quite simple and understandable. Factor B I think is also understandable but unfortunately it is pretty much overlooked, in Greece at least.

By indentifying these 2 factors, I think that the original question is better to be rephrased to “How many photos are most effective for promoting a property online?”

Whenever a property is available for sale or for rent, it is crucial for a professional photo shoot to be organized. The final photos that will be used on a real estate website or a listing website have to be effective. This means to drive the users’ attention and website traffic to the specific property.

In the table below we can see how effective is considered the quality of the photos to the quantity of the photos.

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The first conclusion from the table above is that the quality of the photos performs a lot better to the number of the photos. Hence, our following question is “What are considered as Quality photos?”

Quality photos are those that present a property glistening and neat, that allow the user to perceive the space and create positive feelings towards the specific property.

How many quality photos of a property are considered effective in order to promote it online?

A similar survey conducted in New York showed that the magic number of photos is between 11-14 photos.

This range of photos increases the possibility of receiving an interest for your property from a buyer or a tenant by 6 times!

All you need in order to get the 11-14 photos is to find the right professional property photographer, to work together closely and have the same passion and interest of getting the best results as an outcome.


Advice from a professional property photographer

  • spend your time constructively and consult a professional photographer to capture your property in a proper and beautiful way, either you are buying or you are selling
  • if you have hired a real estate agency to assist you in find a buyer or tenant for your property, do ask them to introduce you to a professional photographer. Spend time with them and ask them to answer all your queries and provide with all the appropriate guidance
  • do not rely on the amateur and artistic concerns of a relative/friend/neighbour, even your own, who will photograph with a low-standard camera or a mobile phone. The downside of not using a professional photographer is high, as you will downplay the beautiful result of your work and of course you will most likely push away the good quality of potential clients
  • increase the interest of the right prospects by viewing online your property though impressive photos created by a professional property phtographer
  • high quality in your photography is mirroring your personality. Choosing a professional photographer will attract you a better quality of candidate buyers and also will give your photos a longer life than the photos coming from an amateur photographer