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Christening Photography during the period of COVID-19 – We can do everything!

Organising your baby’s christening was one of the many ‘events’ that had to be postponed, canceled or just paused until further notice.

Now that all businesses are at the restarting point, we are ready to restart also and undertake the photography of your baby’s christening for the season of summer/autumn 2020 by taking all required safety measures.

Everything has now a new starting point and we can start together. We will be excited to photograph your baby’s christening for the season of summer/autumn 2020 by taking of course all the necessary protection for everyone’s safety.

Safety measures at your baby’s christening photography

A baby’s christening is one of the happiest moments in the family. However, the emotional tension always remains the same when organizing the christening, from the first until the last moment for everything to be perfect and of course for the child to enjoy that big day. Within all, now we must apply safety and protection rules for the good health of all attendees.

Aspect Photo did #stayhome during the quarantine period and applies till today all health and safety measures by #stayingsafe. The protection of our people, all family, friends, and colleagues, especially those belonging to the vulnerable groups, was done with responsibility, respect, and love.

Our responsibility, respect and love apply to all of you and we are ready to photograph moments of happiness, to photograph the uniqueness of your baby getting baptized. Hence, during the photoshoot we will strictly follow the rules of hygiene and protection by using:

  • cotton face mask made by the Nation Theater under hospital specifications
  • antiseptic wipes & gel
  • observe the safety distance as much as we are allowed depending on the number of your guests

What can you do so to assist the christening to run smooth and safe?

Having been in Christening photography for several years, we would like to make a few recommendations that could be quite useful during the covid-19 period and could assist you in your planning but also to be able to have a smooth and safe photoshoot:

  • consult with the church if the sacrament can be performed in the churchyard
  • consider thoroughly your guest list and consider that the available space could be somewhat small, and the safety distance could be limited
  • request all your guests as possible to keep a distance from the baptismal points (west of the church and the baptismal pool). This will allow us to move around and photograph with comfort around these points keeping a distance in the meantime from the guests
  • distribute the bonbons at an exit spot at the churchyard

If you wish to discuss the photography for your christening, please fill out the contact form here. It will be our pleasure to discuss and solve all your possible queries.