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Real Estate Photography during the period of COVID-19 – Anything can be done!

As per the medical protocol, we followed the rules of #stayhome throughout all the quarantine period in order to protect all family and friends belonging to the vulnerable groups. To this day we follow the rule of #staysafe with respect to all.

With attention, scepticism but also joy, we received the first directions we needed to enter again to our normal daily life but also towards the opening of all the professional activities. Respectively, we have prepared accordingly for you to welcome us at your property and offer you the photography you require during this particular period of covid-19.

Photography is a steady value and is the medium that will capture and present your available property or your architectural study the same way as in the pre-covid-19 period.

With absolute respect to you, your family and your colleagues, a photo shoot will take place only by following strictly the following hygiene and safety rules:

  • use of fabric mask made by the National Theater under hospital specifications
  • use of antiseptic wipes & gel
  • keeping safe distance
What is required to photograph your property?
  • the property must be clean and arranged according to the photographer’s consultation
  • only 1 person (owner, caretaker, real estate broker, architect) can be present during the photoshoot. This person will be responsible for the management of the property
  • have access to regular hand washing

Please contact us by filling out the contact form here to discuss all your queries.

Advice from a real estate professional photographer

  • spend your time constructively and consult a professional photographer to capture your work in a proper, neat and beautiful way
  • do not rely on the amateur and artistic concerns of a relative/friend/neighbour, even your own, who will photograph with a low-standard camera or a mobile phone. The downside of not using a professional photographer is high, as you will downplay the beautiful result of your work and of course you will most likely push away the good quality of potential clients
  • high quality in your photography is mirroring your personality. Choosing a professional photographer will attract you a better quality of candidate buyers and also will give your photos a longer life than the photos coming from an amateur photographer
  • do not hesitate to try more than one photographers, It might take some time and testing to find the photographer that suits you
  • do not hesitate to give work to more than one photographer. It is advisable to a have a backup photographer if your primary photographer is not available, or even share the work to 2 professionals